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Murano Glass Coffee Table

coffee table from the 1970s.

wooden stand , murano glass board.

small marks to the bottom border of the glass.

38 cm high, 108 cm wide und 79 cm deep.

2 High Back 1-2-3 Swivel Chairs Design Verner Panton for Fritz Hansen

2 high back swivel chairs from the 1970s .

metal construction , coverd with wool fabric. metal stand

overall good used condition. light wear.

H : 126(SH : 45) , W : 50 , D : 56

Propeller Coffee-or Dining Table L.Campanini for Cama

1960s/70s table, that can be changed from a coffee table to a dining table by a turn of the legs.

glass , brushed and chromed metal .

good used condtion , some scratches and light traces of rust.

H : 62 - 73 cm . D : 110 cm

Straccio Leather Easy Chair Design De Pas, D’Urbino, Lomazzi for Zanotta

Easy chair from the 1960s. 

Black leather.

Good used condition. A small repair in the leather.

H: 63(SH: 38), W: 100, D: 73.


2000.- Euro

Cassina Aeo Leather Loung Chair Design Archizoom Paolo Deganello

Easy chair from the 1970s.

Painted metal frame, plastic foot, leather cover.

Overall good used condition. Usual wear.

One seam between back- and arm rest is open.

H: 107(SH: 46), W: 79, D: 75.



Bicolor 2 Level Coffee Table Brass Chrome

2 level coffee table from the 1970s/ -80s.

Brass, chromed metal, glass.

Good used condition without damages. Glass has some scratches. Metall shows patina.

45x100x100 cm.


600.- Euro


Poltrona Frau Coffee Table

Coffee table from the 1980s.

Leather, lightly smoked mirror glass.

Good used condition. The corners show light wear.

28 x 91 x 91 cm.


600.- €uro.

Plastic Stacking Daybed Design Andreas Christen for H.P.Spengler

Stacking daybed from the 1960s.

Laminated fiber glass reinforced plastic.

Good used condition. Some chips to the edges and corners.

27 x 204 x 93 cm.


900.- €uro

Boby Trolley Design Joe Colombo for Bieffeplast

Office trolley from the 1970s.

Brown plastic.

Overall good used conditon. Some scratches, marks and chips.

74 x 43 x 43 cm.


250.- €uro.

Thonet Threeseater Leather Sofa from the 60s

Threeseater sofa from the 1960s.

Leather, chromed metal.

Good used condition. Light patina.

77 x 192 x 74 cm, SH: 43 cm.


1800.- €uro

2 Wire Cone Chairs Design Verner Panton for Fritz Hansen

2 swivel chairs.

Chromed metal, blue fabric.

Good used condition, light stains to the fabric.

86 x 60 x 73 cm.


2000.- €uro

Parigi Chair by Aldo Rossi for Unifor

Easy chair from the 1980s.

Black painted metal, polyurethane foam.

Good used condition. Black paint has some scratches, some light paint wear to the red parts. one screw is not original.

85 x 75 x 95 cm, SH: 40.


1600.- €uro

2 Plastic Soace Age Chairs By Felpam/Spain

2 chairs from the 1960s.

Painted plastic, velvet cover.

Overall good used condition with some wear: some paint wear to the base, some wear to the covers. the chairs are ligtly wobbling.

75 x 45 x 62 cm, SH: 46 cm.


1250.- Euro

B&B Italia Baisity Three Seat Leather Sofa Design Antonio Citterio

Three seat sofa from the 1980s.


Good used condition. The front edges of the seat cushions were treated by the former owner, propably with liquid leather.

80 x 225 x 110 cm, SH: 42 cm.


2800.- €uro

Black Plastic Chair From The 1970s

Easy chair from the 1970s.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic.

Good used condition with some scratches especially to the sides.

78 x 90 x 85.


980.- €uro

Tito Agnoli PS3 Divan

Divan designed by Tito Agnoli.

Metal frame, rattan. The cushion is propably not original.

Good used condition. Some wear to the rattan.

66 x 62 x 156 cm.


1000.- Euro

Componibili Container Design Anna Castelli Ferrieri

6 stackable containers from the 1960s, -70s.

1 big modul (labelled Kartell) and 5 small moduls (labelled  "Made in Italy").


Overall good used condition without damages. The plastic has however partly lightly yellowed and shows some might stains and scratches.

144 x 41,5

Teak Grandfather Clock with Locking Cabinet

Standing clock with locking cabinet.


Good used condition. The clock works, but not precisely. The corpus comes in good condition wwith some light scratches. The bas shows some repairs.

176 x 48 x 26 cm

Verner Panton Heart Cone Chair By Vitra

Swivel chair, designed in the 1950s by Verner Panton, produced by Vitra in 2003.

Red fabric cover.

Good used condition with some edge wear.

Threeseater Oak and Leather Design Erik Wørts

Threeseater sofa from the 1960s.

Oakwood and leather.

The leather cushions were renewed by the former owner. The wooden frame comes in good condition with light bleachings in parts.

184 x 73 x 73 cm.

Plastic BArcart on Casters Design Livia Castelli

Barcart on casters with 2 foldable trays.


Good used condition. Scratches in the plastic.

40 x 86 x 45 cm.

Edra Rose Chair Design Masanori Umeda

Lounge chair, imitating a rose.

Velvet, metal.

Good used condition. The color has faded on the sun exposed parts. some scratches to one leg.

75 x 86 x 80 cm, SH: 45 cm

Belarti Tile Coffee Table from the 1960s -70s

Coffee Table from the 1960s, -70s.

Metal, pottery tiles.

Very good condition. Light wear to the metal.

51 x 165 x 63 cm

Fristho Teak Sideboard

Sideboard from the 1960s.

Teak,solid and veneer.

Overall good used condition with traces of age and use: some stains, chips and scratches.

72 x 245 x 43 cm

50s Coffee Table Bauhaus Style

Coffee table from the 1950s.

Metal, plastic, glass.

Good used condition. Light traces of rust to the base.

Diesis Two Seat Sofa White Leather Design Antonio Citterio / Paolo Nova for B&B Italia

Two seat sofa from the 1970s, -80s.

Leather, metal.

Good used condition. Light patina.

84 x 210 x 95 cm, SH: 45 cm

2 Lounge Chairs Design Knut Hesterberg Aluminum Plastic Leather

2 lounge chairs from the 1970s.

Plastic, leather, aluminum.

Good used condtion. Aluminum shows light wear. One of the chairs has a short repaired tear to the edge of one seat.

70 x 73 x 75, SH: 40 cm

Space Age Lighted GlassTable

Lighted coffee table from the 1970s.


Good used condition. Some scratches.

43 x 110 cm.

Earth Chair Leather Chair Design Percival Lafer

Brazilian easy chair from the 1970s.

Leather, chromed metal.

Good used condition. Light patina to the leather, Some chrome wear.

85 x 73 x 73 cm

Aldo Tura Barcart

Bar cart from the 1950s, -60s.

Wood, covererd with colored and sealed goatskin. metal.

The top board shows some damages to the surface, metal shows some wear.

58 x 75 x 38-75 cm.

2 Coffee Tables on Castors Design Peter Ghyczy for Horn Collection

2 coffee (or bedside or side) tables on castors, lightly different shades of brown.


Good used condition. Light paint wear.

41 x 60 x 60 cm.

Swing Highback Chair + Foot Stool Reinhold Adolf & Hans-Jürgen Schräpfer for COR

High back easy chair with matching foot stoot  from the 1970s.

Leather. metal.

Overall good used condition. Leather is without damages, but has some stains.

100 x 76 x 95 cm, SH: 42

Paracarro Dining Table Design Giovanni Offredi for Saporiti

Dining table from the 1970s.

Concrete, glass, chromed metal.

A small chip to the glass edge. Otherwise very good condition.

72 x 120 cm

2 Leather Cube Poufs De Sede DS 9087 Patchwork

2 poufs from the 1970s, -80s.

Foam covered with leather, lightly different shades of light brown.

Good used condition. Light stains.

40 x 57 x 57

Stacking Containers Modular Design 70s Space Age

6 stacking containers from the 1970s. 4 with 2 drawers each, 4 with spacers and 2 with feet.

Laminated plastic.

Good used condition. Some scratches and discoloration.

20 x 45 x 37 cm each.

Metal Glass Coffe Table by Peter Ghyczy

Coffee table from the 1980s.

Metal. brass, glass.

Good used condition. Some patina.

45,5 x 90 x 90.

Modular Leather Four Seat Sofa from the 1960s, -70s

4 piece modular seating group from the 1960s, -70s.

Wooden frame covered with leather, Loose foam filled cushions.

Oringinal condition. The leather shows patina and discolorations. Some edge and corner wear on the backside.

The foam inside thré set cushions has started to dissolve and should be replaced.

84 x 72 (72) x 90 cm each . SH: 38 cm.

60s 70s Space Age Coffee Table

Coffee table on castors with 2 levels from the 1970s.

Laminated plastic or fabrical board.

Good used condition. Some scratches.

45 x 61 x 69 cm.

3 60s Easy Chairs by Thonet

3 easy chairs from the 1960s.

Chromed metal frame, beech arm rests, textile covers.

Good used condition. Fabric is lightly dirty, light chrome wear.


76 x 62 x 62 cm, SH: 42 cm

Peter Ghyczy Garden Egg Table

Coffee table from the 960s, -70s.


Good used condition. Some scrapes to the table top.

45 x 54 cm

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